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Waffle Flower Mini Stencil Mat

This Mini Stencil Mat from Waffle Flower Crafts is going to make crafting with stencils so much easier. This mat is made of high quality silicone and is a multi-function craft mat that is non-stick, heat resistant, and waterproof. What more do you need? This is amazing! The recessed work area measures 6" x 9". There are 2 raised edges that form a corner to help hold the stencil and paper in place and two open ends for bigger sizes. The back is non-slip, so your mat remains where you place it. When your stencil pastes and paints are dry, they are easily released from the mat. This mat is both heat and cold-resistant. This mat can be cleaned with a dampened, lint-free cloth or an oil-free cleaning cloth. Note: This mat should not be used with oil based products. Some pigments may stain the mat. Sharp tools will damage the mat.