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Waffle Flower Mini InkPad Holder

This Mini Inkpad Holder is designed by Waffle Flower Crafts. This ink pad holder is made from high-quality silicone and is a low-profile holder for mini ink cubes such as the Distress inks and other small cubes (sold separately). This ink pad holder has a non-slip bottom to help it stay put on smooth surfaces. This holder can be cleaned with a damp, lint-free cloth or oil-free cleaning wipe, although some pigments may stain. This holder should be placed back in its storage bag when not in use and stored flat. This ink pad holder should not be used with oil-based products as they can damage the mat. It should not be used with tools with sharp edges either, such as pencils and knives. All of these tips will ensure a long life for your mini ink pad holder!  This holder will hold eight small cubes and their covers.